Bradford Notary Services:

  • Member of Pennsylvania Association of Notaries
  • Transfers and Registrations, Titles, Plates, TA’s
  • Apportioned Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Trailers, Motor Homes, ATV’s,
  • Snowmobiles and Boats
  • Instant Renewals, Registrations and Stickers with Our On-Line Services
  • Registration renewals
  • Duplicate registrations
  • Registration cards
  • Duplication registration stickers
  • Plates and weight decals
  • Duplicate titles
  • Plate transfers
  • Disability plates
  • Drivers License Restorations
  • Registration Restoration
  • Free address changes
  • Special fund plates
  • Personalized plates
  • Antique vehicle titles
  • Antique vehicle registration
  • Classic car vehicle titles
  • Antique vehicle registration
  • Apportion vehicle title transfer, registrations, renewals and credential replacement
  • TA’s to drive commercial vehicle immediately
  • IFTA/Non-IFTA sticker service
  • Online 2290 processing
  • ATV, Snowmobile and boat title and registration

Products & Services
Registration renewals, duplicate registration cards, duplicate registration stickers, plates and weight decals. Duplicate titles, plate transfers, disability plates & placards, registration & DL restorations, free address changes, special fund plates, personalized plates, antique & classic vehicle titles & registrations. Apportion vehicle title transfers, registrations, renewals & credential replacements. TA’s to drive your commercial vehicle immediately, IFTA/Non-IFTA sticker service, online 2290 processing, ATV, snowmobile & boat title & registration,  Seneca nation fishing license